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tv   News  ABC  June 1, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." your cell phone can be giving you cancer. can you hear me now? that's what health experts are saying and they say it's time welins up. he went in the for a swim and never came back. the drowning of a teenage has city leaders taking action. >> and power outages along schools closing early today because of the extreme heat. we have experienced it for the past few days. what you need to know as you
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get start on this wednesday morning. it's the first day of june, good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. it's going to be another hot one. if you haven't stepped outside, as soon as you do you will realize what's in store for the rest of the day and the week. here's justin berk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning at 5:31. heat advisory continues for the third day in a row but notice over my shoulder thunderstorms. that will break the heat. two days in a row of records. could we do it again. yesterday's record at 97. today, 97 is the record. but that goes way, way, way back to 1895. we will break the heat today and maybe cut back on the thermometer early enough with storms that could turn severe as we head towards the afternoon. how hot is it? stay with us. we will read a list of some of the contribution on my facebook page yesterday. it's a very ingenius ways to describe the heat. 74 in baltimore. 73 in easton.
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look at hagerstown. they are in the mountains right 75. heat index value 79 this morning. sun is about to come up in 14 minutes. and it will do some work today many we will have the numbers in just a moment. let's talk about the traffic right now with tonya. >> reporter: i am happy with today's traffic. pretty slow so far. no major delays on the beltway. we will take a look topside 695. and we are doing all right 695 at providence a little he have hadder -- heavier on -- heavier on the outer loop. we are doing okay on the drive times. heading down 83, 5 minutes. 59 out of white marsh southbound 6 minutes and between 795 and 77 minutes and 6 minutes between bel air and providence. we have water main work going on in a couple places in pikesville, it's going to be reisterstown road southbound and in the city broening highway. you see this?
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yeah. right there. we use them daily, hourly and maybe on your right now. for years we heard this bad boy could be a health hazard to you and now new research is claiming that your device could lead to a certain type of cancer. for more on this, sherrieionson is here to explain. >> reporter: -- sherrie johnson is here to explain. >> reporter: there's new information and the alert about the possible risk of brain cancer. it comes from the world health organization. scientists from 14 countries reverse years of reassurance and they put cell phones in the same risk category as chloroform and exhaust gas engines and pesticides. it's well documented that radiation increases brainiactivity and for the first time scientists say the low level radiation could possibly cause cancer. a 2010 study shows participants who used cell phones for more than 10 years have doubled the rate of a rare type of brain tumor. scientists says since the cancers involved takes years and decades to develop, they
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need to act now. >> so you want to limit the time, have them do texting more, use an ear piece or speaker phones. those are simple things to do. >> reporter: now here in on our website, you can go to the slide show and have a story of cell phones and read more about that. also we asked you to post comments on the facebook fan page. here's what people are saying. jason says, doesn't everythingcause cancer. and debbie says, how could they be? everyone text from what i see. we asked the new study says what do you think is it hazardous to your health and she says everyone text right now. we want to hear what you have to say. log on to the facebook page, and click on facebook and sound off and tell us what you think about the new research the reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:34. the drowning of a teen in havre de grace has city leaders taking action. our story that aired following
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the death of 16-year-old michael sawyer. informed the mayor about the lack of signage there. yesterday they wanted us back to say the signs will be place at jean rockets memorial park this week. the issue came to light over the holiday weekend when sawyer jumped into the property near the park at the susquehanna river and never made it out. >> you surprised to learn there's no warning signs. >> i was totally surprised. in fact, it's to come down here because the number of times i been in the park to see if there was a sign here. and there wasn't. >> there are other city signs along the park and along the water that read no swimming, no diving. the city order innocence prohibits people from swimming in city owned property unless it's okayed by the mayor for events such as a triathlon. friends say sawyer may have thought twice before jumping in if there was a warning sign. a boy is recovering at a area hospital after a near drowning. authorities are telling us lifeguards pulled the 7-year- old from a pool in timonium.
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he was in cardiac arrest and bystanders performed cpr until pair med, arrived. he was airlifted to the hospital and by the time he was loaded on the helicopter, he regained consciousness. making news around the nation this morning, an oregonmother is putting up billboards to help find her missing son. he disappeared nearly a year ago at the age of 7. detectives and the fbi are investigating the case and still looking for him. check this video out from the french open. a girl in the stands really wants to get close to roger federer. she ended up falling out of thebleachers and she won. guess what? that tennis star came over to see if she was okay many she wanted to see her hero and got a big hug in the process. well if you are going fishing today, come away with one of the fish worth 10 grand. >> we need to go fishing today. hunting for diamond jim and his other tagged friends is on this
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morning. a dip in cool water is what today is calling for after another one you won't want to drive very far if you want to see cool beaches. 5:37. before we go to break a. live picture this morning of the white house. also hot in washington, d.c. justin has more on the weather when we come back. [ male announcer ] finally. the place they've been searching for. staples. the one place that makes it easy to buy a new laptop. ♪ or get one fixed. ♪ with highly trained tech experts, staples makes trouble-shooting and repairing technology just the way you want it -- easy. easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back on this wednesday morning. tonight's power ball jackpot is worth 200 million dollar. megan. >> yeah. >> if you won. >> yes. >> would you vanish. >> would i vanish? >> is that walk off money? >> i can think of a lot of things to do with 200 million, absolutely. >> you can reel in cash in the chesapeake bay. one rockfish has a special tag and if you catch him, you will be $10,000 richer. but the department of natural resources released nearly 200 taged stripped bass worth money but the big prize is diamond jim. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. >> i want to let you know if i won, i would pay your air conditioning bill. >> oh. >> oh. that's the gift that keeps on giving. >> everybody's air conditioning by a. >> for may. >> oh. >> a lot of may was cool. >> may is over. >> maybe june. we started the month. this is anne arundel county. no word from anne arundel county public schools in terms of policy of early leave. baltimore county and baltimore city reported put that in place because of the heat. we do it one more time today. but here deerfield elementary school, 76. it feels like 82 out there. at the harbor school in annapolis, i will be there tomorrow to talk to the kids about the weather and raise money for a good cause. 75 is sticky. satellite radar is clear. a ribbon of clouds coming through. we expect more clouds and maybe some severe storms this afternoon as we go close to another record of 96. but wait until you see the weekend forecast in a moment moment. how about traffic. >> reporter: okay 795
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southbound out of reisterstown. no problems to report. no problems on the beltway as well. very light so far. no problems. 695 at harford road, top sidelight traffic in both directions. almost foals like a holiday. drive times are doing well as well. 83 southbound to the beltway five minutes. out of white marsh 6 minutes. on the outer loop just 6 minutes between bel air and providence. you know it's a slow traffic day when we talk about water main breaks. we have one in pikesville reisterstown road southbound at sudbrook and right lane is blocked single file to the left. in the city broening at healburton. kevin camements will kick off the summer tourism promotion called beach break which sound nice on a day like today. the campaign encourage people who want to have fun without doing a lot of driving to visit the five beaches in baltimore
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county. there's free admission for children under 11 and at three of the beaches operated by the county, there's miami beach, rocky point beach and oregon ridge beach. it sounds nice today. no doubt about it, most of us have felt some relief at the pump not just yet because it's expense knife a little bit of relief. prices may be dropping but how much more we are paying compared to this time last year. >> reporter: hey, all you parents out there, you are going to need a backup plan today. i am linda so. some schools are letting out early because of the heat. we will have details up next. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. ♪
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5:46. you certainly do not need us to tell you it's hot out there. and it's going to be another scorcher of a day with sweltering temperatures. and some area schools they have made the decision. we will close the doors early today. abc2 news linda so is live with what you need to know right now. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. two school districts have made the decision to close early today because of the extreme heat. let's break it down. baltimore city schools will be operating on a half day schedule. all half day afternoon pre-k activities and after school activities are canceled. baltimore county schools will
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close three hours early. there will be no afternoon pre- k. students and teachers in several districts got to go home early yesterday, too, because of the um bearable heat. in anne arundel county three people got sick when the ac stopped working. a student and teacher were taken to a hospital for heat related illnesses. we talked to students yesterday who told us trying to learn in a hot classroom is just impossible. >> yes. that's why we got out early. half a day. not even half a day. we got out 11:45. >> you couldn't think in a room like that. >> nope. >> it's hot. i could act like i am paying attention. >> reporter: so, again, as we know so far, baltimore city and baltimore county public schools are letting out early today because of the extreme heat. we haven't heard from any of the other school district but if we do we will let you know. live in rogers forge, linda so, abc2 news. no doubt most of us got the ac cranked up. megan turned hers on yesterday.
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>> i did. >> and we have tips to help you save on the energy bill while cooling your home now. megan. >> yes. >> first keep the thermostat at or above 78 as much as possible for every degree above 78, you save up to $8 a month on the bill and make sure the ac vents are not blocked by rugs and furniture and track downdrafts you may be seeing or feeling and have them sealed up. on our website, up-to-the minute forecast from justin and tips on how to stay safe and save money during the hot times as the temperatures soar. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we can call eye a -- call it a heat wave. breakth the -- breaking the
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1991 heat wave. 97 officially in baltimore. for reference, tucson, arizona, 99, phoenix 100. not quite the hottest but we were close and we had them beat earlier. we belong at 79 on this first day of june in baltimore and we will pull temperatures back and stay above normal as we bring in the next weather pattern and air mass. record on this date we can dream of 1966, 42 degrees. but to remind you that heat like this this early has happened. 1859 is the long-standing record of 97 on this particular date. we will be close. sun up at 5:42 and down at 8:27. i want to point out on the other side of the high pressure there's an interesting cluster of storms dive down south out of new england pass off the carolina coastline and push towards northern florida. very close to the space coast, but the space shuttle is safely home. the cluster watched by the hurricane center but it's not going to have much chance for development and will run out of
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real estate and hit the land and diminish. but a cluster of storms and strong winds expect. we will have similar weather but from a different source. this broken line of clouds frontal boundary increasing the winds stirring the wind up will help things this morning. then we will build in a brief line of clouds and storms with this front that will shift the winds and bring in a nicer weather pattern for the rest of the week. not much action in the morning. a future radar highlights of storms developing and ride down south in southwestward as the frontal boundary drops through the area and we will have strong storms during afternoon and could turn severe with damaging wind and large hail. a slight risk of severe weather but once we take the steam out of air we will bring in a much nicer weather pattern for the rest of the week. 96 today. very close to the record. another heat advisory and another code orange air quality alert and thunderstorms that could turn severe in baltimore look for the time frame generally about 2 to 3 to about 6 or 7 in the evening. and after an evening shower, we clear it out and cool it down
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to 65. near 60 outside the beltway. good stuff and look at the highlight of the weekend on the self-day graphic. 82 by friday staying in the 80s. low 80s over the weekend. >> reporter: we are doing okay 70 eastbound toward the beltway. no problems to report. light out there. let's look at 50 at 97. westbound traffic a little bit heavier but you are doing fine coming in to the city from annapolis. no problems to report. light as well out there. we have a couple incidents dealing with water main breaks. it's in the city at holobird and the right lane is blocked so you have to stay to the left and you are going to get by single file. that water main is broken and they are trying to fix it. >> thanks. 5:51. and in this morning's pump watch, gas prices continue to fall. but they remain about a dollar
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a gallon higher than this time last year. the energy department reports the national average for a gallon of gas dropped 5 1/2 cents to 3.79. that's the highest start for the summer driving season since it was 3.97 back in june of 2008. and remember, we are working for you. we want to help you find most affordable gas. so we teamed with up gas to bring you a list of the cheapest gas stations in your area. just head to our website and click on the traffic section. that's where you will find the fuel saving tips as well as places to find the cheapest gas. today, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will learn who will perform at a news conference set for 10 this morning. taking place at city hall. 5:52. high winds, heavy rain and flooding some of the hazards when it comes to hurricane season. >> coming, what forcasters say you may want to look forward to when the start of hurricane
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season officially underway. plus, health concerns. maryland official address the issue later today. 7
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35:55. -- 5:55. time for five things to know before heading out. republican leaders will meet with the president to discuss raising the debt limit. today, u.s. senator barbara mikulski will share ideas to improve rural education. she meets with parents and students. hurricane season officially begins today. forecasters expect it to be a busier than normal season with as many as 18 named prop cal storms. and today -- tropical storms. a public meeting will be held to discuss the health of the at that pasco river. and today some of the best spellers in the country will take part in the 84th annual scripps national spelling bee in washington, d.c. nine of the contestants are from here in maryland. all right. so the job of a reporter never ends. one minute you are reporting the story, ants next minute you become the story. >> how a reporter helped save
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of the life of a driver stuck in very high water. also he says his twitter account was hacked. why congressman anthony weiner has now lawyered up. one unsuspecting girlfriend gets the proposal of a lifetime. how he was able to arrange the big day. [ snif ] ] bacon?!
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